Five Best Practices for Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) in 2014

Despite the fact that organizations and the network infrastructures that support them continue to grow in size and complexity, expectations regarding application performance are not being relaxed.  One effective response is to establish clear and definitive visibility of application and service activity and from the network perspective.  Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) practices and products are designed specifically for such purposes, providing detailed insights into exactly who is using which resources, what quality of experience is taking place, and where to look when things go wrong.  Such information can significantly improve planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting efforts.

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Duration: 1 hour

Join Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Vice President of Research, Jim Frey, and Fluke Networks Director of Enterprise Products, Doug Roberts, for an interactive on-demand Webinar presentation and discussion that will reveal:

  • Key goals and objectives of AANPM
  • Choosing the right sources of AANPM data
  • Achieving true end-to-end AANPM, from core to remote site including the access layer
  • AANPM features and capabilities having the broadest impact and delivering the most value

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