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From Bare Metal to Public Cloud and Containers - 5 Best Practices for Monitoring Modern Infrastructures

DevOps, containers, public cloud and hyperconverged composable infrastructure are popular examples of new IT paradigms and technologies today, and there is no reason to believe that the pace of technology change will slow down in the future. While all of these technologies fuel innovation, they also increase complexity and often lead to the adoption of siloed and proprietary management and monitoring tools.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research shows that organizations today suffer from this lack of unified monitoring solutions which makes proactive maintenance more difficult and root cause analysis take longer, as even advanced analytics solutions rely on a unified stream of comprehensive operations data to work effectively.

To help your organization stay ahead of the curve, EMA and CA Technologies are hosting a webinar that will provide you with the five most important best practices to monitor your own hybrid infrastructure. Based on the latest EMA research, this webinar will provide key insights into monitoring hybrid stacks consisting of public cloud, container, hypervisor, hyperconverged and bare metal resources.

What You Will Learn

Join Torsten Volk, research director at EMA, and Umair Khan, product marketing manager at CA, to learn:

  • How to monitor AWS and Azure together with your on-premise infrastructure
  • How to monitor modern container technologies alongside traditional application infrastructure stacks
  • How to leverage log and cross tier analytics to speed issue resolution
  • Why unified analytics across your hybrid infrastructure is key to lowering OPEX and how you can achieve this goal

You will also discover why CA Unified Infrastructure Management was identified as a Top 3 pick in the EMA Top 3 Report for providing a single pane of glass for Hybrid IT and cloud monitoring.  

Those who attend will receive a free copy of this cutting-edge report!


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Duration: 60 minutes 


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Torsten Volk
Research Director
     Umair Khan
     Product Marketing Manager

     CA Technologies

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