Application Performance Management (APM) in the Age of Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

As applications start to span on-premise and public Cloud, many companies are re-considering their application management tools and strategies.

In this Webinar, EMA Research Director, Julie Craig, shares the opinions of more than 150 IT professionals who responded to EMA’s latest research on today’s key APM questions:

  • What are the top concerns of today’s IT professionals, from CIOs and Managers to skilled staff?

  • What are the most pressing challenges they face as they embrace public Cloud and hybrid on- and off- premise services?

  • What types of APM products are they using and what are their levels of satisfaction with these products?
  • Which APM-centric features are the “most wanted” and what does this mean in terms of product investments?

Learn the answers to these questions and more when you attend this EMA Research Webinar!

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Duration: 35 minutes

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Julie Craig
Research Director

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