Where There Is Smoke, There is Fire
Extracting actionable intelligence from network traffic with real-time analysis

Incidents abound across the environment.  Are they an inconsequential part of operations?  Are they a benign outcome of an event, or are they something more? Is there an IoT botnet forming in your surveillance system or smart appliances?  Has malware gained a foothold and begun command and control communications or reconnaissance? Has an insider made an honest mistake, or is he or she gathering data to take to a new employer or sell to the highest bidder?

We hate to believe any of this could happen in our network on our watch, but these types of events are happening all over the world in even the most protected environments.  The average dwell time of an attacker prior to detection is still over 140 days, and the gap between compromise and detection times are not declining fast enough.

Join security experts David Monahan, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Tom Obremski, software product manager of QRadar Security Intelligence at IBM, to learn how to get faster visibility and richer context into breaches as they occur. You will also learn how you can leverage an intelligent network monitoring solution to:

  • Understand how to get more out your network data by applying out-of-the-box intelligence in real time
  • Identify command and control and reconnaissance early in the lifecycle to:
  • Prevent lateral damage
  • Prevent your assets from being used in an IoT DDoS
  • Satisfy the need for speed of detection to reduce dwell time
  • Detect a wide range of data risks within the perimeter to stop data exfiltration

In addition, you will discover how IBM’s Qradar Network Insights (QNI) enables security professionals to identify, locate, and respond to threats and intrusions.

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Duration: 60 minutes 


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