Agile Development + Static Operations = Oil + Water:
How Agile APM provides a “Formula for Success”

The term “agile” is typically associated with rapid, iterative application development. However, companies that have invested heavily in “Agile Development” are finding that agile practices benefit other areas of business and IT as well. “Agile Operations” is particularly beneficial to the business and can significantly reduce the 80% of IT budget currently being spent on maintaining the status quo.

Join EMA Research Director, Julie Craig, and ExtraHop SVP of Product & Technical Marketing, Erik Giesa, for this free Webinar where you will learn:

  • How to identify the characteristics of a “Static Operations” organization and determine whether your organization fits this description
  • The characteristics and benefits of “Agile Operations” organizations
  • How a pragmatic approach to Agile Operations can shift the maintenance-innovation ratio in your favor
  • How to use an Operations Maturity Model to assess where your organization is at the moment and where you need to go.

Register and attend to get the information you need to make more informed decisions as you traverse the path toward Operational agility.

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Duration: 1 hour

Audience: This webinar will serve as a guide for IT executives and professionals seeking to align IT Operations more closely with Agile Development and Business initiatives.

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