Application Management for the Hybrid Cloud: Tooling the Hybrid Lifecycle  

Increasingly, high-performing IT organizations are taking a comprehensive, automation-based approach to application performance management (APM). Such an approach is particularly important for applications destined for hybrid deployments.

Yet, the majority of incumbent APM toolsets deliver visibility to discrete portions of the hybrid execution environment versus the totality of the end-to-end transaction. In addition, most focus only on management of production systems versus enabling IT teams to build application quality into software throughout the lifecycle.

Join us as we discuss the benefits and the challenges of utilizing leading-edge APM tooling throughout the software lifecycle to optimize development, deployment, maintenance, and management of hybrid application environments. Hear from IBM about their current APM offering, as well as an IBM APM customer from South African Revenue Services who will share his experiences and best practices for managing hybrid applications. 

Attend this webinar to discover how leading-edge APM solutions:

  • “Shift left” the process of end-user monitoring to ensure that software delivered to production is “production ready”
  • Enable IT operators and site reliability engineers to consolidate infrastructure- and application- focused monitoring to proactively predict resource utilization growth and provide early warning regarding impending application-related failures
  • Automate the processes of root cause analysis, end-to-end transaction tracking, code level diagnostics, and log analysis, all of which are critical APM capabilities


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Duration: 60 minutes

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