Big Data: Operationalizing the Buzz

Big Data has moved beyond being just a buzzword.  Organizations are operationalizing various Big Data technologies to answer critical business questions and power sophisticated workloads.  

Building on the success of their 2012 “Big Data Comes of Age” research report, EMA VP of Research, Shawn Rogers, EMA Senior Analyst, John Myers, and 9sight Consulting Founder and Principal, Dr. Barry Devlin, will reveal their latest big data research findings during this informative Webinar.

Attendees will learn not just the what's of Big Data technologies but also the why’s of use cases, implementation strategies and technology choices, as well as discover:

  • Most popular use cases for big data based on nearly 600 projects reviewed in this research
  • Which Hadoop distributions are gaining traction
  • The  technical and business-driven-challenges for Big Data
  • Most popular data sources for Big Data
  • How organizations are continuing the trend of implementing the EMA Hybrid Data Ecosystem (HDE) in association with their Big Data initiatives

If you are interested in latest Big Data research, you can’t afford to miss this Webinar!

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Duration: 1 hour

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