The Rise of the Analytic Platform in Big Data

Traditional analytic environments are evolving at lightening speed, creating new opportunities and challenges for the enterprise. The growing trend towards complex workloads running against petabyte scale big data is delivering deeper insights and more actionable information than ever before. To take full advantage of these new opportunities, however, it’s critical that companies master new techniques and understand new architectures to overcome analytic challenges. 

Join EMA VP of Research Shawn Rogers and ParAccel VP of Customer and Partner Development Rick Glick to cut through big data hype and get to the heart of big data value creation.

By attending this Webinar you will:

  • Learn how big data can fuel new insights and opportunities within your company
  • Identify ways to create extreme company value using big data
  • Understand the benefits of matching data and workloads to the proper platform
  • Define how opportunity, analytic and operational value can be harnessed to drive innovation

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1 hour

Featured Speakers:
>>Shawn Rogers, VP of Research, EMA
>>Rick Glick,
VP of Customer and Partner Development, ParAccel

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