Data Center, Mobile, Cloud: All Roads Lead through Identity 

Technology professionals sometimes refer to “once-in-a-generation” trends that transform IT as nothing before. Today, IT is facing not one, but three such transformations:

  • Driven by the ubiquity of Web technologies and the efficiencies of virtualization, the enterprise data center has become much more agile in responding to fast-changing business IT needs.
  • These trends have also made IT-as-a-service possible as never before, as the Cloud enables businesses to embrace concepts from infrastructure on demand to SaaS.
  • A new generation of mobile devices that have revolutionized personal technology and expanded the reach of business IT.

These transformations have placed enormous challenges on the enterprise. In particular: How to manage security and policy across each of these environments, consistently and reliably…without breaking the bank?

Join EMA Managing Research Director, Scott Crawford, and Centrify CEO, Tom Kemp, for this complimentary Webinar that will highlight one of the most important factors of any answer to that question: the central role of identity in unifying a strategy that yields consistent control over each of these disruptive domains, with tangible results.

You will also learn:

  • How identity plays a central role in unifying security and management strategy across enterprise, mobile and cloud environments.
  • Obstacles to unified management through unified identity and how they can be overcome.
  • Keys to evaluating and selecting solutions that reduce costs, eliminate gaps and assure consistency in defining and enforcing policy across enterprise, cloud and mobile environments.

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