Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Internal Cloud Implementations

Today's data center offers countless possibilities of deploying, migrating, managing and optimizing application workloads. Each application comes with its own SLA, cost, security and compliance requirements, and these dictate both the type of capacity it should be hosted on and how that capacity should be managed over time. Unfortunately, most internal cloud projects focus initially on the self-service and provisioning technologies and leave workload placement and capacity management as an afterthought.  This leads to cloud environments that may be acceptable for dev/test applications but are not suitable to host enterprise workloads.  Proactively managing these workloads and the current and future data center and cloud capacity constitutes the next frontier of enterprise IT.

Join EMA Research Director, Torsten Volk, and CiRBA CTO, Andrew Hillier, for a free Webinar that will examine how your organization can benefit from a new analytics and policy-driven approach to workload placement and capacity management in internal clouds.

You will learn:

  • How to perform intelligent initial placement of workloads in internal clouds
  • How to plan for future applications to be deployed and reserve the capacity they need
  • How to migrate existing enterprise applications to the cloud
  • How to take optimal advantage of OpenStack and other cloud platforms
  • Approaches for minimizing software license costs in virtual and internal cloud environments
  • Techniques for scientifically managing policies and SLAs, without overprovisioning resources
  • Proactively planning and booking storage capacity to squeeze more value out of your existing storage infrastructure

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Duration: 1 hour

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