The Role of Collaboration in Business Intelligence (BI)

Collaboration is the main technology that information workers use to discover, access and share corporate and external information for business decision making. The growing use of social computing and mobile technologies add even more power to collaborative applications for information gathering and sharing. It is, therefore, crucial that BI applications and systems support and exploit the collaborative environment. The key question is, “How do organizations combine BI and collaborative technologies to provide the best benefits to information workers?”

This Webinar is the result of in-depth research on the role of collaboration in business intelligence. The research revealed three key opportunities for business users to leverage the combined benefits of collaboration and business intelligence: collaborative interactions, information enhancement, and collaborative decision-making. 

Join this expert panel of BI experts to: 

  • Hear detailed insight into these three key opportunities.
  • Learn how companies are using collaborative BI today.
  • Discover the technological requirements to support collaborative BI.
  • Get advice on how to get started in deploying a collaborative BI environment.  


  • Claudia Imhoff, President, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
  • Colin White, President, BI Research
  • Shawn Rogers, VP of Research – Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing – EMA


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