DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling:
Launchpad for the Digital Business

As software becomes increasingly critical to running the digital business, DevOps and Continuous Delivery become core competencies supporting business differentiation. While both topics have been discussed at length in a wide variety of venues, less attention has been paid the the automation strategies supporting software delivery at scale.

Join Julie Craig, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), to hear the latest survey findings on this topic, along with an in-depth analysis of effective ways to prioritize tooling investments to accelerate and optimize these practices via automation.

Attend this event to discover:

  • The business impact of optimizing DevOps and Continuous Delivery in “real world” IT
  • An automation strategy designed to integrate current and future tools into an automation core supporting application delivery
  • New tools and features that address common software delivery gaps
  • Common DevOps/Continuous Delivery challenges and strategies for solving them
  • Input from highly effective IT organizations on blueprints for success and buying plans for the next 12 months.


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Duration: 30 minutes 



Julie Craig
Research Director
Enterprise Management Associates

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