EMA Workload Automation Radar: 
A Review of Top Workload Automation Tools

The “2016 EMA Workload Automation Radar Report” focused on digital transformation and an increased rate of change due to continuous delivery and DevOps. Both trends continue, but the resulting impacts are shifting.

This webinar will cover new trends revealed through user interviews during the 2017 Radar evaluation process, as well as new measurements and changes in measurement weighting to accommodate the changing needs in the workload automation (WLA) market. Summary results of the evaluation and vendor placement on the Radar will be discussed, along with key changes in the market and forward-looking drivers and trends.

Join Dan Twing, President and COO at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to view key results from the 2017 “EMA Radar™ on Workload Automation.” In this side-by-side comparison of the 14 leading WLA platforms, solutions are empirically evaluated and graded against a broad range of measurements to objectively determine overall product strengths and cost efficiencies.

Evaluated solutions include:

  1. Arcana
  2. Arvato Systems
  3. ASCI
  4. CA Automic
  5. BMC
  6. Flux
  7. HelpSystems
  8. InfiniteDATA
  9. IBM
  10. MVP Software
  11. SMA Solutions
  12. Stonebranch
  13. Tidal
  14. Vinzant

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Duration: 45 minutes 


Dan Twing
President and COO

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