Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring Systems (ENAMS) Radar Report: Knowledge is Power – Know Your Network

The practice of network availability monitoring can range from simple, standalone up/down monitoring of individual devices to complex, highly customized and automated approaches that fully integrate into broader management systems architectures. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) defines the term Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring System (ENAMS) to include network-centric monitoring solutions that are used by enterprise network operations and engineering teams to discover, monitor, assess, troubleshoot, and manage medium to large enterprise networks. For this EMA Radar™ Report, specific focus has been placed on core capabilities and features that address network operators’ needs to ensure health and availability of the network, as well as the overall practitioner experience in procuring, deploying, administering, and using specific ENAMS products. Particular emphasis has been placed on features and functionality that networking pros have articulated as being the most essential.

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Duration: 30 minutes

Join EMA VP of Research, Jim Frey, and EMA Principal Research Analyst, Tracy Corbo, for this informative Webinar where they will discuss:

  • Challenges of network monitoring in large enterprise deployments
  • Use cases for cross domain practices and using network monitoring within the broader context of IT operations
  • Finding the right tool for the job – type of devices being monitored, size of environment, integration and customization requirements to determine best fit
  • Highlights of each of the 17 vendors included in this study and how their solution fits into best practices for network monitoring

 The 17 ENAMS vendors/solutions that will be covered are:

  1. AccelOps
  2. Adrem
  3. CA (Spectrum)
  4. Centerity Systems
  5. EMC
  6. Entuity
  7. Groundwork
  8. Help/Systems
  9. HP Software
  10. HP Networking
  11. IBM
  12. Infosim
  13. Ipswitch
  14. Kratos Networks
  15. ManageEngine
  16. ScienceLogic
  17. SolarWinds
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