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Five Critical Success Factors for Embedded Analytics

Organizations can make their operations and decision-making more data-driven by increasing their use of embedded analytics. Highly interactive analytical apps can be embedded into an employee’s daily workflow to provide constant visibility into performance, alignment with strategic plans, and the flexibility needed to answer a variety of different questions. In addition, analytics can be embedded into customer-facing websites and mobile apps to deepen relationships and provide a better experience.

This webinar will look at both operational embedded analytics and customer-facing analytics to provide insight into why organizations should be considering embedded analytics as part of their overall business intelligence strategy. We will discuss:

  • How user expectations differ between traditional and embedded analytics
  • The barriers to adoption that embedded analytics can help overcome
  • How organizations can gain buy-in and sell the value to project stakeholders
  • Use cases and examples of operational and customer-focused embedded analytics
  • Technical requirements and differences of both operational and customer-focused embedded analytics


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Date/Time: Thursday, April 20
11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

Duration: 60 minutes 


    Jake Freivald
Lyndsay Wise
Research Director
Jake Freivald
VP of Product Marketing
Information Builders