Five Priorities for Mid-tier Packet Monitoring

Direct collection and analysis of network packets is an important and highly effective monitoring technique for understanding and reducing operational and security risk. Packet-based monitoring tools can recognize network and application performance issues, reveal threatening or illicit activity, deliver essential insights for facilitating rapid troubleshooting, provide a real-world basis for planning, and more.  Large enterprises and commercial service providers have long utilized these techniques to protect and optimize operations and will commonly invest in packet monitoring architectures to support use of a constantly changing mix of analysis tools. 

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Duration: 60 minutes

Many mid-sized organizations have the same risk reduction needs, but operate under quite different cost and resource constraints.  What should mid-sized IT teams know about how best to optimize packet monitoring?  Which capabilities are most important, from a feature and architecture perspective?

Join Jim Frey, Vice President of Research at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Richard Rauch, President and CEO at APCON, for an interactive webinar presentation and discussion that will reveal:

  • Packet monitoring strategies and architectural choices
  • Techniques to stretch your investment via consolidation and advanced capabilities
  • How to optimize monitoring via centralized management
  • What to expect in return in both short and long term

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