How Businesses use Big Data to Impact the Bottom Line

Creating a data lake or other big data environment is one thing. Getting business stakeholders to take advantage of this incredible resource to influence top line revenue, bottom costs, and overall business margins is another matter. Business stakeholders often don’t care where the customer or product information comes from. They only care that they can use that information in a timely fashion to impact customer experience, marketing efforts, and improving business models. Doing so often requires the information be available to them via their favorite analytical tools. This information also needs to be available to a wide audience and in the response timeframes that business stakeholders are accustomed to.

Join John L. Myers, managing research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Steve Sarsfield, product marketing manager of Vertica, to discover how business stakeholders make the most of information from their big data environments and the requirements those stakeholders have to turn big data into business impact. Using information from EMA’s recent big data end-user research study, data from Vertica’s recent benchmarks on SQL on Hadoop, and firsthand customer experiences, attendees will learn:
  • Use cases where end users around the world are using big data in their organizations

  • How maturity with big data strategies impact why and how business stakeholders use information from their big data environments

  • How Vertica empowers the use of information from big data environments

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Managing Research Director
Steve Sarsfield
Product Marketing Manager
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