How Digital Business is Shaping the Next Wave of Automation

The expectations of enterprise IT have never been higher and the stakes for the business were never more serious. Customers expect to be awed and delighted by digital innovations. Shareholders expect the efficiencies created by digital business. Competitors will disrupt and consume those who lag behind.

Digital business requires speed, agility, and creativity. Older and diverse infrastructures, disparate data, and outdated application architectures and development processes can hinder IT. Achieving digital business requires not just traditional workload automation, but automation that spans operations, development, and business functions. Digital business success requires Digital Business Automation.

Join Dan Twing, president and COO of leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Tim Eusterman, senior director solutions marketing at BMC, for a webinar that will leverage highlights from new EMA research and BMC customer experiences.

Attend this event to discover: 

  • Why automation is at the core of digital business success
  • The technical challenges modern infrastructures impose
  • How the right automation tools can help rationalize disparate data sources
  • The impact of faster application development and deployment
  • Real-world customer examples using automation to support digital business


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Duration: 60 minutes 


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Dan Twing
President & COO
Tim Eusterman
Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

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