Aligning & Enriching your IT Data to Achieve Operational & Business Value

Join former Global CIO of American Express - Toby Redshaw, and Dennis Drogseth, EMA VP of Research, for an informative Webinar that will address:

The struggle Enterprise IT organizations have with inconsistent and inaccurate data and how seriously it impacts the very business of IT.

The inability to align and enrich data across IT and non-IT systems, e.g. IT strategy, IT Operations, Financial and HR systems, results in wasted Capex and Opex. For instance, the inability to align purchasing system data with data reported by operational systems results in unnecessary software licensing expenses, sometimes by as much as 50%.

Conversely, a current, accurate and dynamic understanding of IT and non-IT data with full market context such as age, costs, support levels, SKU, vendor, etc. improves ROI in IT initiatives from IT transformation, IT financial management, to asset management, audits, provisioning and service delivery.

Attend this Webinar and learn:

  • How you can take control of your IT data
  • What process issues you should consider first
  • How you can redefine and enrich your IT data collection strategy
  • How you can share this data across your organization for maximum efficiency
  • How this data can be translated into values such as data center transformation, application rationalization, IT planning and governance, and IT financial planning

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