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Data-Driven Cultures: Requirements for Data Management

Data-driven strategies inject the application of new practices, which rely on trusted information systems, deep into an organization. This data guides the application of modern business models. Data-driven business models are more dependent on information than any previous approach, from the expanded application of 360-degree customer views (including internal and external data sources) to increased detail on a company’s offerings for product information management (PIM) initiatives, and increased data quality across the enterprise.

In this webinar, EMA will share the results of new end-user research on data governance (DG) and master data management (MDM) practices. Collected across multiple industries, this research will show how organizations with strategic DG and MDM practices, including executive-level leadership from roles such as the CDO, differ from those without similar leadership.

Join John L. Myers, managing research director of leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Michael Hiskey, CMO at Semarchy, for an insightful discussion on the state of information governance and MDM practices in organizations today.

Attend to learn:

  • How executive leadership and the role of the CDO are impacting organizational practices
  • How to implement data to make decisions, interact with products, and improve customer experience
  • How companies with robust data practices compare with companies that have less mature information initiatives


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Duration: 60 minutes 


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John Myers
Research Director 
Michael Hiskey