How to Understand Network Dependencies:
Best Practices for Automation and Limiting Risk

Everyone knows that effective network management practices start with establishing a full foundational understanding of the network. But simply monitoring individual elements can only get you so far. Going the next step requires building and maintaining the knowledge of how those elements are connected and how they interact with one another to deliver applications and communications.  In other words, you need to understand network-level dependencies.  Armed with such information, network managers and operators can accelerate problem resolutions by focusing on root causes of network issues, while also having a leg up on recognizing growing problems and dealing with them before they result in outages or serious performance degradations.

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Duration: 45 minutes

But what sources and types of data are best for establishing the right level of network dependency detail?  Which are the most important capabilities to look for in network management tools? How can discovery tools and processes be used to achieve these goals? And how can automation help or hinder success? 

Join EMA Vice President of Research, Jim Frey, for an informative Webinar presentation and discussion that will reveal:

  • Why network dependencies are so important to understand
  • Where to find the insights needed to reveal network dependencies
  • Network discovery tools – what they can and can’t do
  • Common concerns with discovery tools and how to overcome them
  • Applying automation for tracking dependencies

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