Application-aware Network Performance Management Radar Report 2013:  Illuminating the Pipes

The days when network managers could simply be concerned with interoperability and uptime are long past, and the focus has turned towards recognizing and eliminating performance degradations.  This demand has also elevated and coalesced specifically around gaining a direct understanding of how applications and services – the life’s blood of IT-enabled organizations – are performing from the network perspective.  Management products that address these objectives are known as Application-aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) solutions and are increasingly becoming essential technology for enterprise network management and operations teams.

For this EMA Radar™ Report, focus was placed specifically on core capabilities and features associated with network operations’ need to recognize, characterize, troubleshoot, and communicate details of how applications and services perform as they transit the network. Three common use cases – capacity planning, sustained monitoring, and troubleshooting – were examined in detail for solutions that are based (at least in part) on inspection of network packets and/or collection and analysis of flow records such as NetFlow, IPFIX, and sFlow.

Join EMA Managing Research Director, Jim Frey, and EMA Principal Research Analyst, Tracy Corbo, for this informative 30-minute Webinar where they will discuss:

  • The continued growth in demand for visibility into which applications and services are driving network management systems, as well as key performance indicators of end user experience
  • The variety of architectures, strategies and approaches available in the market today
  • Major points of consideration for comparing application-aware network management systems 
  • Detailed discussion of over 20 vendors included in this study and what makes them viable candidates as ANPM solution providers

ANPM solutions reviewed and analyzed will include those offered by:

  1. AccelOps
  2. AppNeta
  3. Boundary
  4. CA Technologies
  5. Compuware
  6. Dell
  7. EMC
  8. ExtraHop
  9. Fluke Networks
  10. Help/Systems
  11. HP
  12. InfoVista
  13. Ipswitch
  14. iTrinegy
  15. Lancope
  16. NetScout Systems
  17. Network Instruments
  18. Plixer
  19. Riverbed
  20. SevOne
  21. Solana
  22. SolarWinds
  23. WildPackets
  24. Zyrion

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