Network Visibility Controllers:
Best Practices for Mainstreaming Monitoring Fabrics

 Within the past few years, a new class of network packet access products has evolved to handle the challenge of distributing packets for multiple analytic techniques for network and security monitoring and management. Known variously as aggregation switches, matrix switches, network monitoring switches, and network packet brokers, these solutions provide flexibility, resilience, and cost control for monitoring products that rely on packet inspection. Enterprise Management Associates™ (EMA) describes this category of solutions as Network Visibility Controllers (NVCs), acknowledging the important primary role they can play in managing the distribution and control of packet streams for network and security visibility.

EMA has conducted a major research study to investigate and better understand the impact that this technology is having on networking & security management disciplines, including how deployments are taking place and which features and capabilities are having greatest impact. 

 Join EMA Vice President of Research, Jim Frey, to discover the results of this new research in an informative Webinar where he will:

  • Review the ways in which NVCs are being used, both today and looking forward
  • Reveal which NVC capabilities are having the broadest impact and delivering the most value
  • Detail the architectural and administrative qualities that are making the most difference
  • Analyze the impact of server and network virtualization technologies
  • Unveil perceptions and experiences regarding alternative product types and choices

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Duration: 30 minutes

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Jim Frey
VP of Research
Network Management
EMA Research

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