Next-Generation Endpoint Security
Market Sizing and Forecast 2016–2020



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Most of the vendors competing in the next generation endpoint protection space have emerged in the last 3 years, with only a few existing more than five years. This new EMA report was created to address this changing landscape.

This report is the most comprehensive and detailed piece of research in the endpoint space produced to date. It identifies all of the major players, contenders and “wannabes” in this space (34 in total). Along with multiple different ranking categories, growth estimates, trends and recommendations, each participating vendor has a profile page and ranking summary for easy reference.

This report provides everything you need to know to understand the next generation endpoint protection space and answers questions like:
  • What is Next Generation Endpoint Security, and how is it different than antivirus?
  • Which vendors support which OS’s and technology platforms?
  • What is the market revenue and growth curve?
  • What is the market maturity?
  • And much more!
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