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Arrive at the Future Faster with Next-Generation Workload Automation (WLA)

You can’t build a next-generation company on last generation tools. Next-generation companies will be driven by digitalization, data, and speed. Digitalization means companies that awe their customers with self-service and always available access while supporting business partners with efficient digital interactions. Data-driven companies will ensure decision makers can explore data on their schedule to monitor and measure their business in a continuous and automated way. Everything will move faster.

Modern IT infrastructure will be required to be a next-generation company. Big data and digitalization bring together disparate data from many sources and require many back office steps. Managed file transfer and workload automation (WLA) are key to orchestrating all of these moving parts in a consistent, coordinated, and timely manner. Infrastructure tools often struggle to keep pace with the rate of change driven by business needs. While satisfaction with WLA has increased over the past three years, so has the desire of organizations to change their WLA solution. Improvements are not coming fast enough. A new approach is needed.

Join Dan Twing, president and COO at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Miroslaw Andziak, CEO at InfiniteDATA, for a webinar that will leverage highlights from EMA research and highlight the impact of a modern, flexible architecture on keeping pace with the rate of change required by a next-generation company.

Attend to discover:

  • Why automation is at the core of becoming a next-generation business
  • The technical and cost challenges old infrastructures impose
  • The key priorities of those looking for new WLA capabilities
  • How a modern architecture can increase flexibility and lower cost
  • The approach to move from traditional to next generation WLA


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Duration: 60 minutes 


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Dan Twing
President & COO
Miroslaw Andziak

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