Optimizing IT for Financial Performance: Is It Really Possible?

Optimizing IT for financial performance is not a market; rather, it is many markets brought together in a single critical landscape. This landscape encompasses everything from superior discovery, inventory and asset management, analytics and automation, to service catalogs, service modeling, and more effective endpoint and mobile management. Moreover, this kind of optimization requires unique levels of dialog across IT and between IT and the business it helps to empower.

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Does all this really exist anywhere today?

Join us for this informative webinar featuring Dennis Drogseth, VP of research at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), to discover the answer to this question, as well as:

  • How are IT and business stakeholders approaching the challenges of public and private cloud in terms of both OpEx and CapEx efficiencies?
  • How are IT asset and service data being managed, reconciled, and optimized?
  • How is the proliferation of mobile impacting the lifecycle asset management challenges for endpoints overall?
  • To what degree is IT asset management extending to support green IT and the Internet of Things for facilities, transport, etc., as well as for verticalized infrastructures (e.g. utilities, manufacturing, airports etc.)?
  • How is the growth of analytics for IT governance, financial planning, and business optimization impacting these initiatives?
  • How are IT organizations measuring success in optimizing their financial performance? What do they view as their greatest obstacles?
  • What are IT priorities in selecting vendors and technologies for IT asset management and IT financial optimization?

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Duration: 45 minutes

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