Best Practices for Deploying Packet-based Network and Security Monitoring in Cisco Environments

As networks grow and the criticality of the applications and services they deliver climbs, network planning, management, and security teams are increasingly turning towards network monitoring switches as a key element within monitoring architectures.  In parallel, monitoring switches are maturing rapidly, adding advanced features to meet specific packet-based network and security monitoring requirements.  Cisco offers advanced network infrastructure equipment that commonly comprises enterprise network infrastructures and creates specific needs and opportunities that must be accommodated within any monitoring strategy.   This Webinar  will focus on the specific challenges with deploying packet-based monitoring in Cisco-based networks and examines how the Ixia Anue Net Tool Optimizer® solution can be used to meet these needs. 

Join EMA Managing Research Director, Jim Frey, and Anue Worldwide Systems Engineering Manager, Mo Rozenhart, for a free Webinar that will examine best practices for deploying network monitoring switches within a Cisco-based infrastructure.  You will learn: 

  • Where to deploy network monitoring switches within your network
  • Techniques for alleviating the limitations of SPAN
  • Ways of monitoring in and around Top of Rack switches
  • Approaches for establishing visibility into n-tier architectures
  • Methods for seeing through virtual networking constructs such as VN-Tag
  • And more…

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Duration: 1 hour

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