Security Awareness Training:
Keys to Improved Organizational and Internet Security

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has delved into the world of Security Awareness and Policy Training, conducting research across numerous business verticals and organizational sizes - with over 600 participating respondents.  The data reveals key insights that will aid the IT/security practitioner and management in understanding the impacts of key program factors.

Join EMA Research Director, David Monahan, to get highlights from this new research and understand more about Security Awareness training programs and why investment in these programs is key to improving organizational and Internet security.

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Duration: 1 hour

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Attend to learn:

  • Impacts of not having a program  

  • Personnel and program measurement methods

  • Program effectiveness as perceived by the recipients in the line-of-business support as compared to those of IT and security and perceptions of respondents by age

  • Effective methods of training

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