Turbocharging Your CMDB

Bad data can kill a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The mistrust that results from inaccurate information is very hard to overcome. Yet CMDBs are complex and bring together many diverse sources. How can such a mix of data be scrubbed and managed for quality over time?

Find out when you join EMA Research Director Charles Betz for a discussion on core principles of data quality and their application to IT Service Management and the CMDB.  He will be joined by Blazent Sr Director of Sales Engineering, Adam Clark, who will present the Blazent solution for IT management data quality and how it is being used today by some of the largest IT service organizations in the world.

Attendees will also learn:

  • The essentials of data quality management
  • How to apply data quality to the CMDB and IT asset management
  • The need for independent data validation
  • How Blazent interoperates with a variety of IT systems of record to reconcile and align IT master data

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Duration: 1 hour

Featured Speakers:

Charlie Betz
Research Director


Adam Clark
Sr Director of Sales Engineering

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