VDI Impact on Networks and Network Management: Challenges, Successes, & Best Practices

The allure of hosted desktop solutions is strong and growing.  They offer compelling advantages in data protection, user mobility, and managed support.  But a successful deployment of hosted desktop approaches such as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) requires not only the procurement and deployment of software licenses but also careful planning around back-end systems and storage. Success also requires careful planning within the network realm for assuring that tight delivery tolerances and constraints can be met, both initially and as scale is achieved.  But what steps are required of networking to assure VDI success?  What networking and operations changes have been required as organizations have rolled out this new technology?  What has worked and what has not?

EMA has conducted a major research study to investigate and better understand the impact that this new technology is having on the networking discipline, including how it is affecting the daily priorities of network managers and operators and the management tools, technologies, and practices they employ. 

Join EMA Managing Research Director Jim Frey as he shares the results of this just-completed research into these important trends through an informative Webinar where he will:

  • Identify the adoption, growth, and drivers of enterprise VDI deployments
  • Examine who holds responsibilities for VDI across the lifecycle
  • Detail the networking steps that have been taken to optimize VDI success
  • Reveal best practices for monitoring VDI quality
  • Unveil experiences regarding VDI performance issue root causes

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Duration: 1 hour

Featured Speaker:

Jim Frey
Managing Research Director

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